Landscape design project

Landscape design is a set of services, including the artistic component, the ergonomics of architectural forms and a deep knowledge of the plant world.

Landscape design focuses on both the integrated landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it.Landscape design allows to skillfullyavoid many mistakes and possible disappointments during landscaping. It is important to know that the landscape project is a combination of many diverse scopes, where it is critical to work out the entire ergonomics of the site competently from the beginning of the design and in the end to obtain not only a practical site but also to preserve its artistry and aesthetic image. Therefore, the best way to achieve a positive result is to appeal to landscape design specialists. Thus, you will receive not just an exclusive and creative project, but a full-fledged product for creating a homestead space, where it will be clear zoning, use of functional zones, placement of pergolas, rockeries, ponds, green zones.

Interaction sequence:

  1. Introduction - Terms of Reference, measurements, photo fixation.
  2. Planning decisions.
  3. Selection of materials.
  4. Creating a landscape design project.
  5. Implementation of the project. As a result, we will propose the next step - the author's supervision or a set of services for the implementation of the facility.

The composition of the landscape project:

Basic drawings of the standard version:

  1. Center drawing

    The layout of all structures, paths, sites, etc. with reference to existing facilities.

  2. Dendrological plan

    Drawing for landscapers. It shows the size of the landing pit, the number of seedlings and the exact location of the pit. Separately flower beds, rockeries, etc. are presented.

  3. Planting drawing

    The Center drawing allowsto accurately place the green areas, sizes and location of plants in the garden and determine how they fit into the environment.

  4. Layout drawing

    This is a plan for the landscaped area for those who are engaged in the implementation of the landscape project. It shows the technological nodes on the site, the functional zoning, the scheme of paving paths, etc. If necessary, the indication of the sizes and necessary materials is specified on the margins of this worksheet.

  5. Drawing

    Specification of finishing materials and decorative materials

    Specifications of wall finishes and decorative materials

    Characteristics, type of material, features, article

  6. Lighting plan

    The plan indicates the exact location, the specification of each of light sources, light radii

  7. Small architecture form layoutplan

    On the drawing the fountain layout, decorative reservoirs, arbors, etc. are indicated - the drawing consists of graphic sketches. The drawing is intended for specialists of different profiles.

  8. Master Plan

    It displays the general idea of the project: planning decision, composition of plantings, location of buildings, paths, reservoirs, sites, etc. The master plan marks the boundaries of the site, the scale, the points of the compass and conventional symbols.