Visualization of architectural objects

It is no secret that 70% of the information a person perceives through an eye contact and the brightest are visual images. We create a product that will help developers increase sales through the quality visualization of architecture objects.

Architectural 3D visualization has a variety of objectives and great opportunities:

  • Demonstration of objects of architecture;
  • Possibility to show any weather conditions;
  • Lighting architecture at different times of day;
  • Reconstruction of the environment;
  • Possibility to show layout;
  • Display of the scale of a three-dimensional object in relation to a human body.

A good technical base and knowledge allow to make high-level rendering within an optimum time frame. Our main task when working with computer visualization is to evoke a positive response from the customer, and accurately convey not only the architectural form, but also show the content of the project, the overall atmosphere and mood.

Application area:

  1. Architectural visualization of real estate:
    1. Visualization of buildings.
    2. Visualization of a residential complex.
    3. Visualization of cottage settlements.
  2. Visualization of objects of accomplishment:
    1. Visualization of parks.
    2. Visualization of squares.
    3. Visualization of landscape projects.
    4. visualization of industrial projects