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"Who ever said that pleasure wasn't functional?"

Charles Eames

The world does not stand still and we do neither. Possessing luggage full not of books but of practical skills and knowledge, regular visiting exhibitions, the constant search for new materials and ideas enable us to be at the forefront. We work only in the real estate market, and since we are not distracted by other directions, we can say with confidence that we are well versed in this area. Let us invite you to get more acquainted with our approaches, our philosophy, our beliefs!

Our principles:

  • Reliability
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Quickness
  • Style
  • Adequate communication
  • Personal approach


Our goal and approaches to work are simple and imply the following: development of creative projects around strong concepts and their further implementationwhile minimizing costs! The customerwill be aware of the wholeoperating procedure, providing a systematic approach to the implementation process, which will ensure a full-fledged project carefully worked out to smallest detail! A competent technical assignment will ensure the quick and qualitative achievement of the task set by the customer! We want our cooperation to bring income benefits to you and a comfortable life to each home!


The joint work of the customer and the performer, when the performer dutifully does everything that the customer will think up, is not the most effective way of achieving the goal. We do not work that way! The best way to implement the project successfully is to integrate our professional experience with the customer’s wishes!

When developing the project, we devote time to each stage of the project design. We analyze, compare different options and work out the best one! Our advice to the customer is to be attentive while agreeing on the concept as this is one of the key and crucial moments.

When communicating with customers, we are always ready to advise and help make the right decision, suggest and explain complicated technical things in simple words. All stages are coordinated and signed by the customer! After that we can move further. We know that the details in the project often change. But the customer also needs to know that some adjustments take time. We believe that the design should be understandable and functional, and most importantly, as a result of the project implementation, save the customer from unnecessary expenses and improper use of space.

Method of work:

We have a clear operating procedure for the effective project management and we do not change the methodology of work at the request of the customer. Please mind that it is not the customer who must teach us to work, at the same time the professional must listen attentively to the customer’s wishes and offer compromise solutions that suit customers and executors of the project! The project budgeting is carried out according to the price policy of the Studio, which is rather flexible. Consistency must be maintained as it is conceived. Mess in the strict order of the project implementation is not allowed.

The designer does not deviate from his method of work for the sake of the customer, because he cannot guarantee the quality under such “deviation”. What seems right to the customer, in fact can lead to serious complications.